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Kemper's Dealer Program

Interested in becoming a Kemper Doll Dealer

Kemper Doll Dealers receive 40% discount on Kemper doll items on retail prices ONLY and 15% discount on sale items.

As a Kemper Doll Dealer, you will be able to order through our website and see your dealer prices, once you are confirmed. Confirmation is done via Kemper Doll customer service.

How to become a Kemper Dealer

You will need to place a one-time "Qualifying Order", totaling at-least $200.

You could submit your qualifying order via mail (address below), fax (909-627-4008), or preferably our doll website (  You will need to provide a credit card in order to submit this order.  We will not charge your credit card until your order has been reviewed and processed.

If you will use our website to submit your qualifying order, please send a notice to 

Once your order is approved, we will apply your discounts and revise your invoice.

We also have DEALER forms for you to fill out. You could print these PDF forms below. 
These Dealer Forms include:

  1. Kemper Dealer Information - Required (click here to print form)
  2. Kemper Credit Card Information - Fill out, if you plan to pay your orders by credit card. (click here to print form)
  3. Kemper Postal Release - if you plan to use the Postal System (USPS) as your shipping method. (click here to print form)

Once we receive the completed forms and confirmed your order, you will be assigned a Kemper customer number and your order will be submitted for processing.

We do not have a minimum order after you become a doll dealer.

If you need further information, please contact Dee @ Kemper Doll Supplies: 1-800-388-5367 or

Kemper Address:
13595 12th Street
Chino, CA 91710