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  1. Shirley Teeth
    Acrylic doll teeth SMALL - 15MM X 5MM (6 TEETH);


    LARGE - 20MM X 5MM (6 TEETH);


    For OTHER NORMAL AND BABY doll teeth, please go to TEETH

    Learn More
  2. Doll stands
    Metal doll stands Item codes - Size measurements are doll height S15 Metal stand doll 4" to 5 1/2" S20 Metal doll stand 6 1/2" to 11" (white) S21 Metal doll stand 8" to 12" (white) S25 Metal doll stand 12" to 20" (white) S30 Metal doll stand 16" to 26" (white) S32 Metal doll stand 20" to 30" (white) ####S33 Metal doll stand 16" to 26" large waist (white) Discontinued 8/8/2018 S40-R Metal doll stand 24" to 32" S41-R Metal doll stand 24"-36" metal stand - WAIST HEIGHT 17" S-BARB Barbie size doll stand Learn More
  3. Quick Cleaners
    KEMPER QUICK CLEANERS These washable sheets can be used over and over for cleaning without leaving scratches. Th e 400 and 60 grits can be used for fired underglazes, fired raised glazed surfaces, fired decal surfaces, bisque, and china painted areas. Available in 3 different grit sizes: Code:KQC320* (320 Grit), 4 1/2” x 5 1/2” For greenware, bisque & porcelain Code: KQC400* (400): 4 1/2” x 5 1/2” For porcelain Code: KQC600* (600): 4 1/2” x 5 1/2” For porcelain finishing and polishing Learn More
  4. Grizzly Sander Pads
    GRIZZLY SANDING PADS Codes: GSF* (Fine), GSP * (Coarse) Just like a bear - aggressive and hard to wear out. Use them on bisque, greenware, or wood. They even also be used to polish porcelain bisque. These two-sided pads are available in coarse or fine. Learn More
  5. Rubber Scrubber Sanders
    RUBBER SCRUBBERS (Note: No rubber material on this product.; Grit on one side of material) Codes: RS100- Rubber Scrubber 100 grit Used for greenware, it is excellent for cleanup of seamlines and holes prior to fi ring. This 3" square, 1/2" thick, soft sponge is coated on one side with 100 grit abrasive material. Code: RS220 - Rubber Scrubber 220 grit Used for smoothing and cleanup of ceramics and pottery pieces and sanding off roughness created by porcelain dust. This 4" rectangular, 1/2" thick, soft sponge is coated on one side with 220 grit abrasive material. Learn More
  6.  Greenware Cleaning Files
    Greenware Cleaning Files Available in package and no package Codes: GF2* - Large Coarse GF3* - Small Coarse GFF-01* - Skinny The “no fatigue” tools that shape to the contour of both large and small areas of greenware. These sanders are lightweight, flexible and two-sided. They cut cleaning time even on low-fired porcelain bisque, all clay mediums, and wood. Learn More
    MULTI PURPOSE SANDER SPONGE USED ON PORCELAIN , POLYMER CLAY, STONE, WOOD, CLAY ETC. GREAT FOR RESIN BJD DOLLS SPONGE SANDERS New and Improved Codes: SSF-X - Fine, 320-400 Grit SSM -X - Medium, 120-180 Grit SSMF-X - Micro Fine, 1200-1500 Grit SSSF-X, Super Fine, 500-600 Grit SSUF-X, Ultra Fine, 800-1000 Grit Available only in bulk in website - These items are also available in "Packaged" Learn More
  8. Element Pins (ELP)

    ELEMENT PINS Code: ELP Hold loose kiln elements in place with these easy to insert, sharp-ended pins. These 1 1/4" pins are of a heat resistant alloy for temperatures to 2500 degree F (Cone 13). Sold 12 per package. Learn More
  9. High Temp Wire (HTW) 17 Gauge Wire

    High Temp Wire (HTW) 17 Gauge Wire

    Code: HTW (10 Feet / 3 Meters - per package)

    High Temp Wire can be used for larger or heavier support projects For oven and kiln use with high temperatures. Stays strong in extreme heat over long periods of time. A great general purpose support wire. Used for any projects that require wire support in high temperatures of ceramic kilns; bottle sagging, bead supports, special stilts, element pins, kiln furniture, cone holders. This 17 gauge high-temperature steel wire contains no nickel and can be fired up to cone 5. Wire comes coiled in a length of 10 ft. per package.

    HTW = 10 FT

    HTW-150 = 150 FT - call customer service

    HTW-500 = 500 FT - call customer service

    HTW-SPOL = 5000 FT - call customer service

    Learn More
  10. Wood Modeling Sculpting Set

    Code: JAS 1 BOX CONTAINS ASSORTMENT OF 12 IMPORTED WOOD MODELING TOOLS. Wood tools used for cutting, slicing, smoothing, contouring Learn More

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