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  1. High Temp Wire (HTW) 17 Gauge Wire

    High Temp Wire (HTW) 17 Gauge Wire

    Code: HTW (10 Feet / 3 Meters - per package)

    High Temp Wire can be used for larger or heavier support projects For oven and kiln use with high temperatures. Stays strong in extreme heat over long periods of time. A great general purpose support wire. Used for any projects that require wire support in high temperatures of ceramic kilns; bottle sagging, bead supports, special stilts, element pins, kiln furniture, cone holders. This 17 gauge high-temperature steel wire contains no nickel and can be fired up to cone 5. Wire comes coiled in a length of 10 ft. per package.

    HTW = 10 FT

    HTW-150 = 150 FT - call customer service

    HTW-500 = 500 FT - call customer service

    HTW-SPOL = 5000 FT - call customer service

    Learn More
  2. High Temp Stamen Wire (HTS) 24 gauge

    High temperature stamen wire is for use with the high temperature of kiln firings. Use for decoration, jewelry, and armatures. Not for use as a support wire. Learn More
  3. Element Staples (ELS)

    ELEMENT STAPLES Code: ELS Hold loose kiln elements in place with these easy to insert, sharp-ended staples. These 1 1/2" staples are of a heat resistant alloy for temperatures to 2500 degree F (Cone 13). Sold 12 per package. Learn More
  4. Finishing Rubbers

    Finishing Rubbers Codes:

    FRH - Hard 4 1/4” 9 (pkg or not pkg) FRSM - Hard 3 1/8” (pkg or not pkg) FRSO - Soft 4 1/4” (pkg or not pkg) FRSS - Soft 3 1/8” (pkg or not pkg)

    Used for smoothing, shaping and finishing pottery pieces. Molded from pliable rubber. We offer them in two kidney shapes and different grades of resiliency.

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  5. Detail Carving Tools
    DETAIL CARVING TOOLS Codes: DCS - Small DCL - Large Packaging - Plastic tube These tools will easily carve small and miniature details. They are perfect for that extra touch. The steel blades are formed and precision ground to a razor sharp point. The DCS small tip has a .030” wide point while the large tips point is .057” wide. Both tips are firmly set in a comfortable hardwood handle. These two tools are 5” in total length. Learn More
    CLEAN UP TOOLS Code :K24 (See also K23) All blades are made from high quality stainless steel with a double edge keenly sharpened. Learn More
    CLEAN UP TOOL - B3 Code: B3 (comes bulk or packaged) These tools present a variety of shapes and sizes of blades to accommodate the ordinary as well as the intricate cleanup job. All blades are made from high quality stainless steel with a double edge keenly sharpened. Learn More
  8. Carbide Drill Bits
    Used to make holes in bisque and remove glaze from holes. TGR2 Drill Bit, 1/16" Truebite TGR3 Drill Bit, 3/32" Truebite TGR4 Drill Bit, 1/8" Truebite TGRS 3 Piece Drill Bit Set Learn More
  9. Aluminum Calipers
    These lightweight and easy to handle calipers transfer measurements from model to clay for both inside and outside dimensions. They are made from a tough aluminum alloy, and are assembled with rust-free hardware that is easily adjusted by hand. AL8 = 8" package AL8-X = 8" (bulk) not packaged AL10 = 10" package AL10-X = 10" (bulk) not packaged AL12 = 12" package AL12-X = 23" (bulk) not packaged Learn More
  10. Clean-up Tool K23
    Primarily used to Clean-up greenware by removing imperfections, seam lines, mold marks and enhancing details. Learn More

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